While no one wants to lose a tooth, situations sometimes present themselves when it’s necessary to remove a tooth. If this is the case, tooth extraction is a solution that helps solve a dental problem causing pain or discomfort. When left alone, these problems worsen and require more extensive treatment down the line. At Royalteeth Family Dental, we can make sure you need the tooth extracted by performing a thorough exam of the problem. We can provide the extraction treatment as well as follow-up treatment to restore proper function, appearance and health to your mouth.

When Is Extraction Needed?
Extraction tends to provide a positive solution when leaving the situation alone would create worse results. For example, you could have a tooth with severe decay. If you leave it alone, the infection could spread to affect other teeth as well as your gums. The spread would create the need for additional and more extensive treatment. Instead, we can simply remove the one tooth. Keep in mind that it’s better to lose one tooth than several.

You could also have the need for extraction if a tooth is damaged beyond repair and doesn’t have its full strength to function properly. Also, there is the unique case of wisdom teeth removal. In this situation, you don’t need wisdom teeth for the functioning of your mouth and they often cause problems. Your mouth might not have the room for them or they could grow in the wrong direction. In many cases, the teeth are blocked from growing in, which is known as impaction. Also, some wisdom teeth try to come in where there is already a tooth, pushing on that tooth and creating pain. When one or all of the wisdom teeth are causing trouble, they need to be removed.

Tooth Removal and Replacements
At Royalteeth Family Dental, we are fully equipped to extract problematic teeth. We safely remove the tooth or teeth to stop the problem and prevent worse problems from developing. For wisdom teeth, surgery might be necessary, but we will perform an assessment and discuss the situation with you.

If we remove wisdom teeth, replacing the teeth is unnecessary. But in the case of regular teeth, we can follow the extraction with a tooth replacement service. This could include a removable partial denture or a permanent dental implant. We will discuss the options with you to help you make the best decision for your needs.

If you have pain in a tooth or other tooth problems, come in to Royalteeth Family Dental for a full assessment of the problem. We will try to fix the tooth and will only perform tooth extraction if necessary. Make an appointment today by calling (210) 610-7772.