(To be followed for the first 2-4 hours)

Everyone’s teeth have a protective layer called the acquired pellicle. This layer contains the surface dental stains and is removed during a regular dental cleaning or the whitening process. It takes two to four hours for the barrier to fully develop again. To maximize the whitening, we ask that you do not consume dark liquids or foods (i.e. coffee, tea, dark soft drinks, or red wine), as well as refraining from wearing colored lipsticks, in order to minimize shade relapse.

To avoid any unnecessary post-operative sensitivity, please self-medicate with whatever medication you would normally use for a headache. Sensitivity may occur after any dental treatment.

Smoking is not permitted for the first 24 hours. The teeth may darken if the patient smokes within the first 24 hrs.

Remember, you must not use any colored toothpastes or gels for the first 24 hours. In addition, do not use any colored mouthwash or home fluoride treatments. If your daily homecare involves the use of Perio Rx or any Chlorhexidine, please wait 48 hours before continuing the usage of this product.


Main Entree Suggestions: Turkey, White Tuna (no vinegar), White Fish, Canned Chicken Breast, Chicken Breast without the skin, Grilled Cheese with White Cheddar or Mozzarella Cheese, Pasta with White Sauce such as Alfredo Sauce

Side Dish Suggestions:
Plain Pasta Noodles, White Rice, Mashed or Baked Potato without peel

Beverage Suggestions:
Milk, water, clear soda, tonic

Fruits and Vegetables: Apples and Pears (no peels), Cauliflower

Snacks: Cottage Cheese, Plain or Vanilla Yogurt, White Cheese: White Cheddar/Mozzarella

Condiments: Mayonnaise, Sour Cream and White Gravy

Carbohydrate Suggestions:
White Bread (no crust), Flour Tortillas (white), Saltine Crackers

Breakfast Suggestions: Pancakes w/ White Syrup, Egg whites, Oatmeal,
Malt-o-Meal/ Cream of Wheat